Law 326 - Health Law and Policy

Jill R. Horwitz

Jill R. Horwitz

Vice Dean for Faculty and Intellectual Life
David Sanders Professorship in Law and Medicine
B.A. Northwestern University, 1988
M.P.P. Harvard University, 1994
J.D. Harvard University, 1997
Ph.D. Harvard University, 2002
(310) 206-1577
Course Description:

This course is an introduction to the American health care system.  It addresses the laws and policies governing medical practice and health care institutions.  Subjects covered include: professional practice, quality of care, access to care, institutional organization and regulation, ERISA, financing, and reform.

Course Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course students will :

1. understand the structure of the US health care system and the relevant laws that interact with the system;

2. be able interpret and apply case law, statutes and regulations to determine how a court might resolve a dispute involving various health law issues,

3. become competent consumers of policy research and learn to provide thoughtful advice to policymakers on the contemporary health care problems

Health Law;