Law 329 - Women and the Law

Frances Elisabeth Olsen

Frances Elisabeth Olsen

Professor of Law
B.A. Goddard College, 1968
J.D. University of Colorado, 1971
S.J.D. Harvard, 1984
UCLA Faculty Since 1984
Course Description:

This course examines the legal and social status of women in modern American society, law and policy relating to that status, legal tools developed to address sexual inequality, and the possibility that law both challenges and supports women’s subordination. Issues are approached intersectionally, addressing sex, race, sexual orientation and other differences simultaneously. The issue areas include: employment, family, reproduction, sexuality, violence, and equality theory.

Course Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course students will be able to:
1. provide planning advice on how to litigate or legislate to improve the role and status of women;

2. interpret and apply case law, statutes and regulations to maximize the role and status of women,

3. have a deeper understanding of how sexism has influenced the history and philosophy of law, and

4. provide thoughtful advice to policymakers on the pros and cons of particular legislative proposals related to the role and status of women.

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