Law 230 - Business Associations

Lynn M. LoPucki

Lynn M. LoPucki

Security Pacific Bank Distinguished Professor of Law
B.A. University of Michigan, 1965
J.D. University of Michigan, 1967
LL.M. Harvard, 1970
UCLA Faculty Since 1999
Course Description:

This course explores the legal and contractual arrangements through which individuals and groups do business.  They include agency, employment, sole proprietorship and four types of artificial entities: corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability companies. Using information supplied in the text, students before class tentatively solve problems of the types they will encounter in practice.  We discuss and seek to improve on the solutions in class.  Class is a mix of lecture and discussion.  The exam is open book.

Course Learning Outcomes:

The primary course objective is to provide students with the knowledge of business associations that they will need to advise clients while practicing in any area of law.

1. Students learn the law and vocabulary of business associations.

2. Through reading, simulation, and solving fact-rich problems, students learn to formulate legal strategies on behalf of hypothetical clients.

3. By applying hundreds of statutory provisions to problem hypotheticals, students improve their ability to analyze and apply statutes.

4. By applying law to fact-rich hypothetical problems, students develop a better understanding of policy analysis and its role in legal practice.

5. Reading the fact patterns in recent cases and working with realistic hypotheticals exposes students to modern forms and customs of business practice.

Course Information:
​Faculty Term Course Section ​Schedule ​Units Requisite Satisfies SAW
Lynn LoPucki 19F 230 LEC 2 MTR 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM 4.0 No No
Textbook Information:
Textbook for Fall 2019 LEC 2
LoPucki & Verstein. Business Associations: A Systems Approach, Book 1 and Book 2    
CreateSpace (Amazon). REQUIRED
Notes: This book will be available on Amazon.
LoPucki, Lynn M. The Readable Delaware General Corporation Law  2019-2020  
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. REQUIRED
Notes: This book will be available in hard copy on Amazon.
Moll, Douglas. Corporations and Other Business Associations: Statutes, Rules and Forms  2019  
ISBN: 9781684672301. West Academic. REQUIRED