Law 228 - Mergers & Acquisitions

Stephen M. Bainbridge

Stephen M. Bainbridge

William D. Warren Distinguished Professor of Law
B.A. Western Maryland College, 1980
M.S. Chemistry, University of Virginia, 1983
J.D. University of Virginia, 1985
UCLA Faculty Since 1997
Course Description:

This is a survey course that examines the basic legal aspects of corporate mergers and acquisitions, which are among the most dynamic and complex strategic activities firms undertake. Students will study federal and state laws governing M&A transactions, and consider relevant legal, policy and business issues from the perspectives of the key affected stakeholders: the target company, the acquiring company, shareholders, management, employees and others. The focus of the course is on transactional rather than litigation issues. Accordingly, considerable attention is devoted to working with key M&A documents.

Grades will be determined by performance on an objective final exam.

This class is taught via lecture. The examination will be administered on an open book basis. The exam will consist solely of objective questions

Course Learning Outcomes:

Students will gain familiarity with the US regulation of M&A activity, including state statutes and case law, and federal statutes and regulations.

Students will develop familiarity with basic documents used in the M&A setting.

Students will gain an appreciation of the interaction between economic incentives and legal constraints in shaping particular M&A transactions.

Course Information:
​Faculty Term Course Section ​Schedule ​Units Requisite Satisfies SAW
Stephen Bainbridge 19F 228 LEC 1 MW 1:45 PM - 3:10 PM 3.0 Yes No
  Pre or corequisite: Law 230. Business Associations.
Textbook Information:
Textbook for Fall 2019 LEC 1
Bainbridge and Anabtawi. Mergers and Acquisitions: A Transactional Perspective  1st ed.  
ISBN: 9781628102178. Foundation Press. REQUIRED $222.00