Law 201 - Constitutional Law II

Eugene Volokh

Eugene Volokh

Gary T. Schwartz Distinguished Professor of Law
B.S. UCLA, 1983
J.D. UCLA, 1992
UCLA Law faculty since 1994
Course Description:

The First Amendment, both the speech side and the religion side.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Learn how to argue effectively about free speech, religious freedom, and church-state separation.

Course Information:
​Faculty Term Course Section ​Schedule ​Units Requisite Satisfies SAW
Eugene Volokh 21S 201 LEC 1 MTR 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM 4.0 No No
Textbook Information:
Textbook for Spring 2021 LEC 1
Volokh, Eugene. The First Amendment and Related Statutes: Problems, Cases and Policy Arguments  7th ed.  
ISBN: 9781684674718. Foundation Press. REQUIRED $240.00