Law 306 - Patent Law

Douglas Lichtman

Douglas Lichtman

Professor of Law
B.S.E. Duke University, 1994
J.D. Yale, 1997
UCLA Faculty Since 2007
Course Description:

This is an introductory course in patent law and patent strategy. Although the readings will at times cover technical areas, no technical background is required or even helpful.  Instead, our focus will be on the legal, policy, and strategic issues raised by modern patent practice.  The course will begin with possibly familiar background material about what inventions qualify for protection and how an applicant requests coverage.  Then the course will expand to look at procedural and evidentiary issues, as well as the precise nature of patent remedies.  Final classes play with policy, economics, and empirical evidence about how the patent system works and what could be changed to make the system better.

Note: This course is scheduled to meet 4 hours per week.  However, this Fall, we are engaged in remote learning, and so some of the scheduled hours will involve the full class meeting together over Zoom, some will involve only six students at a time meeting for small-group discussion with the professor, and some will be used toward asynchronous learning via video materials, online quizzes, and online discussion boards.  Students should be available at the times listed each week, but should expect a more fulsome online experience that harnesses the full power of online, interactive learning.

Course Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course, students will have a rich understanding of patent law, patent practice and patent strategy.

Course Information:
​Faculty Term Course Section ​Schedule ​Units Requisite Satisfies SAW
Douglas Lichtman 20F 306 LEC 1 TR 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM 4.0 No No
Textbook Information:
Textbook for Fall 2020 LEC 1
Merges and Duffy. Patent Law and Policy: Cases and Materials  7th ed.  
ISBN: 9781632824516. Carolina Academic Press. REQUIRED $195.07
Notes: Hardcover, ebook, or looseleaf is fine; no need for any supplements