Law 304 - International Intellectual Property

Neil W. Netanel

Neil W. Netanel

Pete Kameron Professor of Law
B.A. Yale, 1976
J.D. UC, Berkeley, 1980
J.S.D. Stanford, 1998
UCLA Faculty Since 2004
Course Description:

With a growing global market, the spread of the Internet, and continuing disparity between developed and developing countries, intellectual property assumes a major role in cross-border litigation, licensing, and diplomatic activity. This course examines intellectual property law and policy in the international arena. We begin by examining particularly pressing global debates regarding the character and desired scope of IP. We then move on to international IP issues that arise in domestic courts, including conflict of laws, jurisdiction, parallel imports, and enforcement of foreign judgments. Finally, we examine the principal multilateral IP treaties and international dispute settlement. In passing, the course will also compare various aspects of foreign intellectual property regimes with those of the United States.

This is an advanced intellectual property course. It is limited to students who have previously taken or are concurrently taking either the intellectual property survey course or at least one introductory course in copyright, patents, or trademarks.

This course was previously numbered 302C.