Law 591 - Climate Change Law and Policy

Cara Horowitz

Cara Horowitz

Andrew Sabin Family Foundation Co-Executive Director of the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment
Co-Director, UCLA Environmental Law Clinic
B.A. Yale, 1996
J.D. UCLA, 2001
UCLA Faculty Since 2008
Course Description:

Global climate change has emerged as the most significant environmental, if not societal, issue of our era. This seminar will explore cutting-edge public policy, legal, and scientific challenges involved in assessing and reducing the causes of climate change, and adapting to projected impacts. The class will provide an opportunity to learn about climate law and policy (including materials on climate justice and equity) at the international, national, and subnational levels. The syllabus emphasizes U.S. law and policy with a key focus on California’s climate policy leadership.

Grades will be based in part on participation and weekly reaction papers. In addition, students may choose to submit either a term paper that may be used to satisfy the Substantial Analytic Writing (SAW) requirement, or three shorter papers over the course of the semester.  Prior environmental law coursework or background will be helpful, but is not required.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Learning outcomes for the seminar include the ability to:

-understand the range of, and limits of, law and policy tools to address environmental problems that cross jurisdictional and generational boundaries

-understand, assess, and write clearly about the pros and cons of particular federal and state legislative and regulatory proposals in the area of climate change regulation

-be familiar with the role of law and lawyers in public policymaking