Law 700 - Pretrial Civil Litigation

David Babbe

David Babbe

Lecturer in Law
B.A. UC Irvine, 1978
J.D. UCLA, 1981
Course Description:

This course is designed for students who will be doing civil litigation. The course provides a “real world” overview of how pretrial civil litigation is conducted and explores how lawyers strategically use each step in the pretrial litigation process to advance their clients’ interests. The course also provides students with skills-based training in case analysis, depositions, written discovery and motion practice. These skills are taught through a combination of lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and simulated role-playing exercises. Simulations are videotaped and critiqued by the instructor.

This course will be graded on a P/U/NC basis.

Video Description

Course Learning Outcomes:

This course will not make you an expert in the civil pretrial litigation process; nor will it turn you into an expert in developing and implementing discovery plans, taking depositions or arguing motions. But by the end of this course, we expect that:

i.    You will have a basic understanding of the civil pretrial process and how lawyers use that process to prepare cases for trial, to evaluate cases for settlement and to improve their client's prospects in connection with settlement or trial.  
ii.    You will have a basic understanding of how to think strategically when confronted with litigation options/decisions.
iii.   You will be able to develop a discovery plan for a relatively simple civil case
iv.   You will be able to draft effective written discovery requests.
v.    You will be able to competently take and defend a deposition in a relatively simple litigation matter. 
vi.  You will be able to draft an effective motion to compel.
vi.    You will be able to competently argue a motion.