Law 331 - Immigration Law

Ingrid Eagly

Ingrid Eagly

Professor of Law
A.B. Princeton University, 1991
J.D. Harvard Law School, 1995
UCLA Faculty Since 2008
Course Description:

This survey course will provide a foundation in immigration law, the system of admission and removal, and the constitutional principles governing the regulation and rights of noncitizens. Students will interpret complex statutes within the context of a dynamic interplay between Congress, administrative agencies, and the courts. We will also explore contemporary topics of immigration law and policy, including immigration detention, Trump’s executive orders, state and local regulation of immigrants, and the relationship between the criminal and immigration legal systems. This course is intended both for students pursuing careers in immigration law as well as those seeking an introduction to an important area of law.

Course Learning Outcomes:

This course is an opportunity to learn and apply general principles of constitutional law and administrative law in a substantively focused setting, to develop statutory interpretation skills in a complex, technical context, and to analyze the interaction between statutes and the U.S. Constitution.

Immigration Law;