Law 579 - Empirical Legal Studies: Research and Composition

Benjamin Nyblade

Benjamin Nyblade

Director, Empirical Research Group
B.A. Oberlin College, 1997
Ph.D. UC San Diego, 2004
Course Description:

This is a seminar focused on guiding students conducting original empirical legal research.  It introduces the fundamentals of research design, statistics and data analysis in the first half of the course before turning to focus on students' original empirical legal research in the second half.  Grades are based on three short writing assignments and a final research paper.

Course Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course students will:

1. have a general familiarity with empirical legal research and be able to critically evaluate empirical research findings;

2. understand major approaches to description, descriptive inference and causal inference;

3. be able to develop and critically evaluate empirical research designs;

4. have developed a major empirical legal research project of their own design.