Law 213 - Advertising & e-Commerce Law

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Alan Friel

General Course Description:

Advertising, Marketing and Promotions are the engines that drive consumer sales, and thus our current economy. Marketers are early adopters of digital media and disruptive technology and push the evolution of the law related to media, technology and consumer protection. E-Commerce and digital distribution are growing exponentially as traditional retail and hard media distribution steadily decline. Online and mobile advertising, marketing and promotions, and digital distribution and sales, present new and challenging legal and policy issues.

For example, today's consumer data privacy and security legal and policy issues are driven by the complexity of the development of online and mobile tracking and targeted advertising. The ever-present, customized advertising techniques depicted in the film Minority Report are no longer science fiction. Advertising, Technology, Telecommunications and Media/Entertainment law were separate silos even five years ago. Privacy and data security law is a new practice area that combines technology, consumer protection and advertising law issues. Many international law firms are developing umbrella practice groups that address all of these issues in a multi-disciplinary manner with a focus on their convergence.

This course will examine the emerging issues resulting from that convergence. The course is built off of a foundation laid by Santa Clara University Professor Eric Goldman and Georgetown University Law Center Professor Rebecca Tushnet. Their draft case book will be supplemented by a series of essays and articles by leading lawyers, lecture materials, class presentations by leading industry experts and practical exercises. Your professor is a 20+ year practitioner, and a thought leader in the area, who will weave into the course real life learnings and challenges. Accordingly, this course will strive to combine the best the academy and industry have to offer. Your input will help me, as well as several others at law schools, develop the several experimental courses being developed on the topic.

Course Information:

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Alan Friel 13F 213 LEC 1 W 5:00 PM - 6:50 PM 2.0 No Per instructor's discretion

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