Law 413 - Advanced U.S. Contract Law for Foreign Lawyers

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J. Park

General Course Description:

This course examines contracts used by businesses. It is designed for LL.M. students with 2-3 years of legal experience. By examining actual contracts used by real parties, students will learn how contract law principles affect the real-world transactional practice. Students will complete several assignments designed to familiarize them with common issues deal lawyers face in negotiating and reviewing various types of business contracts. These issues include problems of contract formation, enforceability, interpretation, performance, third party rights, and remedies. Students will be required to complete mock negotiations and drafting exercises. There may be lectures by guest speakers practicing in the fields of entertainment law, IP law, and litigation.

Course Information:
​Faculty Term Course Section ​Schedule ​Units Requisite Satisfies SAW
Jin Park 17S 413 LEC 1 R 8:25 AM - 10:25 AM 2.0 No No
  Law 413 is limited to foreign LLM students.