Professional Responsibility & The Legal Profession

Professional Responsibility and Legal profession deals with legal practice, the legal profession, and the law governing lawyers in their relationships with clients, courts, and other lawyers. Please Note that in order to graduate, all students are required to take a course of instruction of at least two units of credit on “the history, goals, structure, values, and responsibilities of the legal profession and its members,” as set forth in ABA Standard 303(a)(1). This requirement may be fulfilled by: (1) any course numbered Law 312 or (2) any course certified by the instructor at the beginning of the academic year as complying with ABA Standard 303(a)(1).

A list of courses offered in 2019-20 that will satisfy the Professional Responsibility requirement can be found under the "Professional Responsibility Courses" tab below.  The "Legal Profession Courses" tab contains a list of courses that cover topics associated with professionalism and the legal profession. Note that courses other than Law 312 may not satisfy the Professional Responsibility requirement for every State Bar.

S. Cummings S. Derian S. Kim J. Lipner F. Olsen T. Parr A. Winkler

This course satisfies the Professional Responsibility Requirement and deals with the law and ethics of lawyering; that is, the standards of law and the ethics that lawyers are held to (or aspire to)...

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S. Kim

This course provides an overview of the legal profession, including the business, culture, and ethics of lawyering in different practice contexts. Ethical issues for lawyers will be studied as they...

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