Gender & Sexual Orientation Law

Students interested in gender and sexual orientation law need to understand how the law constructs and regulates sexuality as well as the legal and social status of women, gays, lesbians and transgendered individuals. Key issues for students to master are the implications of gender and sexual orientation for identity, employment, family, reproduction, sexuality, violence, and discrimination and equality theory. Students interested in this area should also take advantage of programs offered by the UCLA Law School’s Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy and Critical Race Studies Program.

A. Romero J. Samuels

This course explores the rapidly-evolving ways in which the law constructs, regulates, and concerns sexuality. The course is largely an advanced constitutional law course (equal protection and...

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S. Falsafi F. Olsen

This course examines the legal and social status of women in modern American society, law and policy relating to that status, legal tools developed to address sexual inequality, and the...

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L. Stemple

Sexual politics cut across issues in human rights, encompassing debates about gender equality, cultural relativism, sexual orientation, human trafficking, and HIV/AIDS. This seminar explores the role...

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F. Olsen

In recent decades, sex discrimination scholarship has moved beyond its initial focus on legal doctrine and constitutional arguments to develop a criticism of the legal system itself. This seminar...

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