Family Law

Students interested in practicing family law need to understand the legal principles and social policies governing family formation, family dysfunction, and family dissolution. Family Law covers the creation, maintenance, and dissolution of conjugal relationships (marriage, registered domestic partnership, and informal cohabitation). Because many family law practitioners are primarily concerned with family dissolution, the basic family law course additionally considers the child custody, child support, and spousal support incidents of family dissolution. A family law practitioner must understand our complex system of state marital property law, which is the subject of the Community Property course. In California, divorce law is often practiced as a free-standing specialty, for which the State of California offers accreditation as a Certified Family Law Specialist. Other practitioners combine divorce law and another family-related area, such as Estate Planning or Immigration Law. In terms of clinical skills, family law practice requires training in client interviewing, counseling and negotiation.

G. Blumberg H. Slevin

This course is a detailed examination of the California community property system, which has long regulated property relations between husband and wife during marriage and at its termination by...

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L. Baldwin Clark G. Blumberg F. Olsen

This four-credit survey course on Family Law introduces students to marriage and divorce (including child custody, property division, spousal maintenance, and child support); civil union,...

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