Peter L. Reich

Peter L. Reich

Lecturer in Law
Academic Director, Law & Communication Intensive
B.A. UCLA, 1976
M.A. UCLA, 1977
J.D. UC Berkeley, 1985
Ph.D. UCLA, 1991
UCLA Faculty Since 2017


The Law of the United States-Mexico Border: A Casebook. Carolina Academic Press (2017).
Mexico’s Hidden Revolution: The Catholic Church in Law and Politics Since 1929. Univ. of Notre Dame Press (1995). (Received Hubert Herring Memorial Award from Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies as Ph.D. dissertation, 1991.)
Statistical Abstract of the United-States Mexico Borderlands. UCLA Latin American Center Publications (1984).

Articles and Chapters

Foreign Relations Between Mexico and the United States in the Nineteenth Century, 1821-1910, 23(12) PROFMEX WebJournal (Fall 2019). (Received PROFMEX Award for New Interpretation of U.S.-Mexican Relations, 2019.) Full Text
What Constitutes an Equitable Water Share? A Reassessment of Equitable Apportionment In the Jordan-Israel Water Agreement 25 Years Later (with Samer Talozi, Amelia Altz-Stamm, and Hussam Hussein), 21(5) Water Policy 911 (2019). Full Text
Relaciones exteriores entre México y Estados Unidos en el siglo XIX, 1821-1910, in Historia binacional México-Estados Unidos (edited by Patricia Galeana, Secretaría de Cultura/INEHRM/Siglo XXI, 2018). Full Text
Border of Water, Border of Law: Río Bravo/Rio Grande Boundary Adjudications Since 1884, 33 Maryland Journal of International Law 205 (2018). Full Text
What Happened to Hispanic Natural Resources Law in California?, 13 California Legal History 43 (2018). Full Text
El derecho al agua en la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación durante la época posrevolucionaria: 1918-1946, in Estudios de la Suprema Corte de Justicia realizados en Estados Unidos (SCJN, 2017). Full Text
Introduction, Frederick Hall, The Laws of Mexico, A Compilation and Treatise Relating to Real Property, Mines, Water Rights, Personal Rights, Contracts, and Inheritances (1885). Reissued by Lawbook Exchange (2016).
Regime Change and Legal Change: The Legacy of Mexico's Second Empire, 2015 Oxford University Comparative Law Forum 1 (2015). Full Text
New Studies in Western Water Law: From Regional to Local Focus, 27 Western Legal History 121 (2014). (Introduction as Guest Editor to Special Issue: Southern California Water – Essays in Honor of Norris Hundley, Jr.).
The Historical, Comparative, and Convergence Trifecta in International Water Law: A Mexico-U.S. Example, 43 Environmental Law Reporter 105 (2014). Revised and reprinted in 27 Western Legal History 185 (2014). Full Text
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El constitucionalismo mexicano en la constitución y derecho de aguas de California, in El constitucionalismo mexicano: influencias continentales y trasatlánticas 63 (edited by Patricia Galeana, Siglo XXI/Senado de la República, 2010).
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Studies in Western Water Law: Historiographical Trends, 9 Western Legal History 1 (1996). (Introduction as Guest Editor to Special Issue: Western Water Law.)
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The ‘Hispanic’ Roots of Prior Appropriation in Arizona, 27 Arizona State Law Journal 649 (1995).
Mission Revival Jurisprudence: State Courts and Hispanic Water Law Since 1850, 69 Washington Law Review 869 (1994). (Received Ray Allen Billington Award from Western History Association, 1995.) Full Text
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Jurisprudential Tradition and Undocumented Alien Entitlements, 6 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 1 (1992).
Public Benefits for Undocumented Aliens: State Law into the Breach Once More, 21 New Mexico Law Review (1991).
Algunos archivos para el estudio de la historia eclesiástica mexicana en el siglo XX, 30 Historia Mexicana 126 (1980).

Book Reviews

Book Review, 10 California Legal History 506 (2015). Review of Golden Rules: The Origins of California Water Law in the Gold Rush, by Mark Kanazawa. Full Text
Book Review, 1 Comparative Legal History 144 (2013). Review of Florida’s First Constitution, the Constitution of Cádiz: Introduction, Translation, and Text, by M.C. Mirow. Full Text
Book Review, 43 Western Historical Quarterly 371 (2012). Review of Spaces of Law in American Foreign Relations: Extradition and Extraterritoriality in the Borderlands and Beyond, 1877-1898, by Daniel S. Margolies. Full Text
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