Blake Emerson

Blake Emerson

Assistant Professor of Law
B.A, Williams College, 2007
M.A., Yale University, 2013
M. Phil, Yale University, 2013
Ph.D., Yale University, 2016
J.D., Yale Law School, 2017
UCLA Faculty Since 2018


The Public's Law: Origins and Architecture of Progressive Democracy. Oxford University Press (2019).
Comparative Administrative Law 2nd ed. (edited by Peter Lindseth, Susan Rose-Ackerman, and Blake Emerson). Edward Elgar Publishing (2017).

Articles and Chapters

The Claims of Official Reason: Administrative Guidance on Social Inclusion, 128 Yale Law Journal 2122 (2019). Full Text
Administrative Answers to “Major Questions”: On the Democratic Legitimacy of Agency Statutory Interpretation, 102 Minnesota Law Review 2019 (2018). Full Text
Affirmatively Furthering Equal Protection: Constitutional Meaning in the Administration of Fair Housing, 65 Buffalo Law Review 163 (2017). Full Text
The Administration of Constitutional Conflict: Structural Transformations in American Public Law, 1877-1946, 45 Quaderni Fiorentini (2017).
Book Review, 35 Law & History Review 558 (2017). Review of Forging Rivals: Race, Class, Law and the Collapse of Postwar Liberalism (2015), by Reuel Schiller.
The Democratic Reconstruction of the Hegelian State in American Progressive Political Thought, 77 The Review of Politics 545 (2015). Full Text
Equality and Federalism in U.S.-American Civil Rights Law: A Review of Two Recent Supreme Court Decisions on Same-sex Marriage and Voting Rights, 74 Heidelberg Journal of International Law 41 (2014). Full Text
Dialectic of Color-blindness, 39 Philosophy & Social Criticism 693 (2013). Full Text
Criminal Justice and the Ideology of Individual Responsibility, in Race, Crime and Punishment: Breaking the Connection in America (edited by Keith Lawrence, Aspen, 2011). Full Text