Iman Anabtawi

Iman Anabtawi

Professor of Law
B.A. Pomona College, 1984
M.A. Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Oxford University, 1986
J.D. Stanford Law School, 1989
UCLA Faculty Since 2000


Can Delaware be Dethroned? Evaluating Delaware’s Dominance of Corporate Law (edited by Iman Anabtawi, Stephen Bainbridge, Sung Hui Kim, and James Park). Cambridge Univ. Press (2018).
Mergers and Acquisitions: A Transactional Perspective (with Stephen Bainbridge). Foundation Press (2017).

Selected Articles

The Twilight of Enhanced Scrutiny in Delaware M&A Jurisprudence, 43 The Delaware Journal of Corporate Law 161 (2019). Full Text
Predatory Management Buyouts, 49 UC Davis Law Review 1285 (2016). Reprinted in 59 Corporate Practice Commentator 1 (2017). Full Text
Regulating Ex Post: How Law Can Address the Inevitability of Financial Failure (with Steven L. Schwarcz), 92 Texas Law Review 75 (2013). Full Text
Regulating Systemic Risk: Towards an Analytical Framework (with Steven L. Schwarcz), 86 Notre Dame Law Review 1349 (2011). Full Text
Fiduciary Duties for Activist Shareholders (with Lynn A. Stout), 60 Stanford Law Review 1255 (2008). Full Text
Some Skepticism About Increasing Shareholder Power, 53 UCLA Law Review 561 (2006). Full Text
Explaining Pay Without Performance: The Tournament Alternative, 54 Emory Law Journal 1557 (2005). Full Text
Secret Compensation, 82 North Carolina Law Review 835 (2004). Full Text


Shadow Directors, 62 UCLA Law Review Discourse 95 (2014).
An Inside Job (with Lynn Stout), New York Times (March 27, 2005).
Sometimes Democracy Isn't Desirable (with Lynn Stout), Wall Street Journal (August 10, 2004).