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UCLA School of Law offers one of the widest selections of law courses in the country as well as a number of curricular specializations and joint degree programs. Deciding what courses to take as a second and third year student can be a daunting task. Some students have determined their area of professional interest before starting law school and can use this guide to help determine the best selection of classes to support their interests. But bear in mind that these lists are not exhaustive and that most lawyers benefit from exposure to a wide range of subjects and issues within the field. UCLA School of Law also urges students to think broadly and to explore instructional opportunities that provide various types of skills training.

The Online Curricular Counseling Guide is designed to assist UCLA Law students in thinking about their legal education and considering course options by grouping courses by subject area. It is important to note that not all courses in the Guide are offered every year. The Guide contains courses that have been offered in the past two years as well as courses planned to be offered in the current year. Students are strongly encouraged to supplement this information with one-on-one curricular counseling from the Dean of Students, Program Directors, and individual faculty members.

Currently at UCLA, the only upper-class requirements for students not subject to academic support requirements are the Professional Responsibility requirement, the Substantial Analytic Writing requirement, and the completion of 65 units of in class instruction in law courses. Otherwise, UCLA does not have a required advanced curriculum. For degree and graduation requirements, please consult the School’s Summary of Academic Standards.

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